N64 Controller Pipe for Geeks

Playing Nintendo games all day, and night, can leave you with an unbeatable obsession that makes you hunger for your Nintendo controller at all times. If you are not careful, the addiction can get to the point where you are relaxed and feel pleasure only when your Nintendo controller is in your hand.


Most of us are vulnerable to needing an immediate cure for this (not that any of us would opt for that) but this fan is so completely beyond that point. Perhaps he lost his favorite pipe or bong, or just the fact that it is a Nintendo 64 controller is enough to give him a high. It isn’t clear if the pipe actually works but the guy obviously feels smoking from an N64 controller would take him higher.

Hopefully, the FFFFound picture won’t anger Nintendo who always aims to stay kiddy-friendly but geeky potheads around the world must be falling off their feet trying to make themselves a pipe from their old controllers now. Hmmm, I wonder if I could become better at creating Nintendo art if I smoked pot as well!

2 thoughts on “N64 Controller Pipe for Geeks

  1. sso .

    depends on the pot.

    some pot will give you a creative vibe, other will just give you munchies and an inclination to watch the tube, some will make you want to go and party.

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