Super Nintendo Cartridge USB Hub DIY

There are a lot of cool USB hubs around in the wildest shapes and designs bit none from a SNES cartridge. You can no longer take anything by face value because the most unlikely objects, like speakers or a book, could turn out to be a USB hub.


Who wants to go out and buy any of these zany gadgets though, when we can always make a real rad one ourselves? If you’re a Nintendo fan then you probably have some old SNES games lying around that obviously aren’t being used anymore. Matt Burns decided to put his to good use and made a USB hub out of one.

Matt did prepare a long project which really isn’t necessary because all you have to do is empty the guts of the SNES game and stuff a UPH USB 4 port hub in place and voila, it’s ready! Matt is even nice enough to advice us to sell these simple DIY USB hubs on eBay and make some dough. Check out some more cool Nintendo Mods we’ve featured here.

Via: CrunchGear

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