Super Metroid Helmet Cake Looks Scary

One of the most important series of video games is the Metroid, which was developed by Nintendo R&D 1. The science fiction game follows the story of Samus Aran who tries to retries the Metroid creatures that are in danger of being used as biochemical weapons.

metroid helmet cake

Metroid has been ranked as one of the best video games for the Nintendo. Thus, many people have created art and design after being inspired by Metroid.

Here is a mouth watering cake which is inspired by the Metroid Helmet. This Super Metroid Helmet Cake by Debbie seems to have taken a lot of effort from the side of the baker. It was baked by Debbie who apparently knows nothing about cakes, but knows really well how to replicate images found on the Internet in her oven.

I must say it is one of the geekiest cakes ever, and it certainly looks quite interesting too. You could also take a look at the various cakes we have written about from a long time. The Super Mario Piranha Plant Cake is one of the best that I have seen. The Life Sized Wii Cake looks so delicious and realistic that you would not whether to eat or to play with it.

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