Super Mario Visits Chicago

Super Mario fans have seen him facing danger day after day for years but what would happen when the cute little man blows a whistle that portals him into a far away land where no Mario character has ever gone before? Absolute comedy!


In this hilarious video by Mathew Dominick, Mario ends one level and is offered a chance to go forth into a bonus level but with one toot on the whistle that would open the door for him, Mario finds himself in the middle of a very busy highway in Chicago. Can the super plumber face the obstacles of this foreign land filled with gigantic people?

Mario seems confused with the bizarre surroundings at first but eventually moves forward courageously. After using a garbage disposal as his portal to travel within the strange land and earning some points by smashing into bricks, he upgrades and then encounters a young man that he strangely turns into a turtle by whopping him on the head.

Strangely, the same handsome fellow is his next opponent and though it never disturbed me when Mario killed off turtles I was saddened to see him bomb the young man! Victorious, Mario runs amok on the street in his ecstatic state before he is faced with a monster that never made it into the innocent Super Mario game. Watch the video for the abrupt and funny ending!

The ending for Mario is a bit more grim than when characters like Bugs Bunny visited the Big Apple. If it saddens you, check out other funny Mario inspired stuff like the Funny Super Mario Matryoshka Dolls and the Super Mario Storybook.

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