Super Mario Brothers 3 Pushpin Art Table

The Super Mario Bros are so powerful that they have spilled over from the world of gaming into the ‘real’ world, peeping from the sides of peoples’ shoes, appearing on cakes and now even making an impression of Mario’s visage on a coffee table.


Mario Brothers fan Ivan took up an old coffee table and pimped it up with an image from Super Mario Brothers 3. But instead of taking the easy way out and painting the tabletop or placing an image on it he decided the best way to show his brevity and his fondness of the game would be to torture his thumbs. Ivan made an image of Mario on the tabletop with pushpins!

Once he selected the desired image from Super Mario Brothers 3, Ivan stuck the different colored pushpins onto the tabletop and, after hurting himself quite a bit, proceeded to paint the legs with the images of the piranha plant (you can make them out at the corners of the table). The table’s legs were also fitted with pipes to make them look more like plant stalks.

With the pushpin artwork protected by Plexiglas the amazing creation was complete. I wonder if Ivan has considered selling Super Mario Brothers table because it could fetch him quite a lot of dough!

Via: BoingBoing

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