Black Mini Mote Wiimote Mod

Nintendo fans love making up their DIY accessories if they just have some connection with their beloved console. This Nintendo fan calls this Wiimote controller am ‘accidental mote’ but it is far from being accidental from the work that has gone into it.


The creator of this black Mini-Mote Wii controller was for looking for a minimalistic look in redesigning the Wiimote and hit upon the idea of painting it all in black, after having tried the same in white. With all the buttons left in the original white color, they stand out against the black background and look pretty good.


The black Mini-mote is the base for a new mod that the fan is making. Although the new paint does seem to give it a spotted effect, let’s give Dhreck the benefit of doubt and blame that on probable bad pictures because the color contrast does create a stunning effect. If a minimalistic and sombre look when it comes to gory and action paced games doesn’t appeal to you then check out the colorful Funchuk Wii Nunchuks instead.




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