Super Mario Brothers Inspired Red Toad Plush Hat

Super Mario Brothers are becoming truly inspirational for designers…just look at this Super Mario Brothers character Toad plush hat. Isn’t it an innovative eye ball catcher?


This Red Toad Cosplay Plush Hat may not appeal much to the intelligent geeks like the Super Mario Brothers Slippers or the Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Hat, but it is a colorful hat one can wear for fun parties, carnivals and festivals to look like one of the fantasy Mario characters. It does look very cute and warm. It would be ideal wear in winters. The red and white combination and hat design will look awesome if you are out skiing in the snow in winters.


Super Mario Brothers Red Toad Cosplay Plush Hats are fast running out of stock. You can order them at Amazon for only $24.95. Kids will be super thrilled to pull one Red Toad hat over their heads during their imaginative fun and play sessions.

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