Super Mario Power Up Evolution

The Mario Brothers have a strange way of growing up; the way they become new and improved is something that has fascinated Mario fans for years and the various Mario power ups is something that is always discussed once a new game comes out.


This picture traces the origin and the evolution of Mario power ups over the years with a quite detailed account of how each one came by and even names every single power up. If you’re a Mario fan then you already know these anyway.

Every expansion of the Mario game has offered us a new and creative power up but the most obvious change comes after the release of Super Mario 3. Usually, in the previous games, Mario tends to lose his power up and returns to a smaller size the moment he gets hurt. However, in Super Mario 3, as if trying to give the player one more chance in keeping Mario alive for longer, instead of becoming a smaller size Mario reverts to the normal size. This little advantage is foregone in the Japanese version though.

The best Mario power ups are seen here, including the immensely popular Raccoon power up and the really cute Frog power up. Mario has always been a funny guy; check out this Funny Mario in Chicago Video and the Super Mario Brothers Characters Matryoshka Dolls.

Via: FFFFound

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