Super Mario Bros Ceiling Fan: A Collectable Fan Mario Fans

An unusual collector’s item featuring gaming’s most iconic plumber shows up on the world’s biggest online flea market, eBay.

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EBay is one of the Internet’s foremost community buy-and-sell websites; where you can find things on the cheap and earn a quick buck by getting rid of those unwanted wares. It’s also a great showcase of memorable, and at times questionable, video game paraphernalia.

Now up for bid this time on eBay is a special ceiling fan featuring Nintendo’s famous barrel-jumping turtle-squashing princess-saving headliner Mario.

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Back in the 1980s, when Nintendo hit it bigger than “New Kids on the Block” with their industry-changing game console (the Nintendo Entertainment System,) that also so happened to feature an industry-changing video game (Super Mario Bros.,) there was a huge wave (perhaps a New Wave, hehe) of Nintendo-branded merchandise that flooded the market.

Everything from sugary breakfast cereals, plastic toys, t-shirts, back-packs, and shower curtains have plugged Mario’s cheery mustachioed face, along with his Mushroom Kingdom cast of co-stars. Certainly this Super Mario Bros. ceiling fan, produced around 1988, is no different.

Super Mario Bros. Ceiling Fan Image 3

All of the four ceiling fan blades separately feature a character from Super Mario Bros.: there’s Mario – punching you in your face, his brother Luigi – making a face that suggests he need to visit the little plumbers room, Princess Toadstool – stuck in a small tower, and King Koopa… who appears to have stayed a little too long out in the sun.

The total number of these Super Mario Bros. ceiling fans ever produced is fuzzy at best., although one thing that is certain it that this collectible is an extremely rare item (kind of like trying to find Kuribo’s shoe in Super Mario Bros. 3,) and when they do pop up on the eBay market, they can sell for absurd prices – about upwards to $25,000 absurd.

I personally wouldn’t recommend spending hard earned cash on this Mario product, rather you should spend it on more worthwhile things: like Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective or Nintendo’s Mario Sports Mix.

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