A Look Inside Mario’s Incredibly Huge Costume Closet

With the tons of power-ups in all the Mario games which changed Mario’s attire, I’ve always wondered what our beloved Italian Plumber’s closet would be like, it’s size especially, and artist Glen Brogan finally gives us an inside look with his whimsical take on Mario’s Closet.Mario’s Incredibly Huge Closet

Mario stands there perplexed in front of his huge closet which consists of his various colored overalls throughout the Mario game series, his shoes, suits, caps and capes and every known attire he portrayed in gaming history.

Mario’s red overalls and blue shirt from the time he’d just stepped into the gaming world via Donkey Kong, hang by his blue overalls and red shirt from Mario Bros. On the next hook lie the red overalls and brown shirt from super Mario bros.(NES). There also hang the tiny overalls which come handy when the Mini Mushroom causes him to shrink.

The suits and caps come next and along with the red, blue and white caps lay the Rabbit Ear Cap, the Wing Cap, the Invisibility Cap and the Metal Cap. The Frog Suit, from super Mario bros 3, which allowed Mario to swim easily and quickly underwater, hangs by the Raccoon Suit, which gave Mario the ability to fly for the very first time, the Tanooki Suit and the Hammer Bros. Suit.

There’s even the spring mushroom, Blue Coopa Shell, the green Goomba’s shoe, his other colored overalls, shoes and ofcourse his trademark white gloves.

Incredible job Glen!

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