Crafty And Crocheted Raccoon Mario And Koopa Shell Are Cool

Mario never looked this good with this Racoony ears and his trusted Koopa shell in such a beautiful green – all in Crochet!
With lots of love and adoration, Anenemyairship has come up with a great look of the Crocheted Racoon Mario and his Koopa shell, and  it shows! This cute Racoon mario with racoon ears and tail, has his perfect signature red hat and green koopa shell. He is dressed up with cute little matching buttons and stands 5.5″ tall, while the koopa shell is 2.5″ high signed off with striking black lines which makes it look too good and they are both made in polyfil. The artist has invested considerable amount of time into this crochet to make it a lovely masterpiece.
If you are interested in looking at more crocheted work then you should also take a look at the Super Mario Tanooki Suit and the Piranha Plant Crochet.

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