Super Mario Cake

The world would perhaps be a scarier place if it weren’t for all the people who created sweet edibles of our favorite video game characters like Super Mario Brothers. After all, you’re truly into the game only if you have gobbled up the hero of the fantasy world you spend so much time in.


Super Mario happens to be the sweetest most edible guy around. Half the cake decorations in the world are aimed at recreating the blue eyed plumber’s jovial smile and ticklish mustache. Anfum’s attempt at baking a cake in Mario’s image turned out great, Mario seems to be waving right at you!

Then again, you take another look at it and you think Mario is holding up a fist, insisting smilingly to be eaten up till every lock of his hair has disappeared into your mouth! This may be slightly frightening until you tell yourself that Mario can continue his alien-busting mission in the contours of your stomach once you devour him.

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