8-Bit Fatality

Whatever happened to the days when games were uncomplicated far from scary, a fun event for the whole family, something that wouldn’t give you nightmares? Gone are the days when exterminating the freaky alien in a game meant buzzing it into a cloud of dust and there was no sign of blood and guts.


Whoever thought Super Mario exists as a sickly sweet plumber in the age of video games that revel in the dark and revengeful violence is so mistaken. The saintly plumber has been caught in a most compromising position by a photographer who has not been heard of since then. This disturbing photo shows Mario stomping the life out of a poor Goomba till its eyeball pops out.


That isn’t all brave TastyPaints managed to capture on film. He was also witness to the aggressive and mad killing spree by PacMan, who had always been thought of as a cute smiley. How very little we know of our favorite heroes! Even Snake Bit’s little angel is caught wreaking havoc on nature.


Too bad for TastyPaints that he happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. More of his work is being hidden away at Flickr. His work would be immortalized in these honest-to-scary pictures that many are claiming to be fictitious fatalities of 8-bit games but he’s nowhere to be found. Sniff!

Via: Geekologie

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