Super Mario Brothers Game Quilt for Warm Gaming Sessions during Winters

On long cold winter nights most geeks seek some warm refuge to carry on unlimited long gaming sessions and if you are not partying or holidaying kind then just to slip into this warm Super Mario Brothers Game quilt along with laptops and consoles while waiting for that magical midnight hour which ushers in Christmas and New Year.

Video games inspired quilts

Retro Video Game quilts are entirely handmade with 100% cotton Tops and are also customized according to the preferred choice of game character and colors. Most of games characters designs available belong to old famous retro games like Mario/Luigi, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Pacman, Q-bert, Did Dug and Zelda. Old geeks will certainly love this quilt but generation next geeks would find it equally warm to snuggle into one for it has been spun out of awesome imagination just like the games themselves. Each quilt costs $110.00 and it is not too late to order one since winter often lingers longer.

This video games inspired quilt seems ideal for the lazy and recluse kind of geeks who refuse to step out come what may and prefer to be lost in the virtual world. Young and old retro games freak can also surround themselves with Super Mario Bros Bed Pillows or cushions with Zelda Pillow Covers before tucking themselves in this awesome quilt. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Awesome Geeky 2010 Year!

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