Cheer Yourself Up with a Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes

couldn’t help myself, I just had to do this post and once you read it, you will agree with me. Here’s the thing really, everyone loves a good cupcake (am I right?) and everyone admits that Super Mario Brothers were the coolest video game that ever was. Imagine what would happen with a combination of the two! It would simply blow your mind!!! This is truly a match made in heaven, so it’s no surprise that there are a huge bunch of Super Mario cupcakes doing the rounds on the Internet. Unfortunately I don’t really have any of the cupcakes with me (feel free to send me a batch if you make them).

Without any further ado, here are my picks for best Super Mario Bros. cupcakes.

The first one is from Hello Naomi, and these are simply exquisite. So much so that I had to put in three pictures

cool super mario brothers cupcakes

cool cupcake designs of super mario bros

awesome super mario brothers cupcakes

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Now here’s a slightly ugly one, but I’m giving it A+ for effort (well, why not I say?), though I’m still not sure what is happening with this Super Mario Brothers cake

super mari bros wedding cupcakes

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Getting back to some really nice (and yummy) looking Mario cupcakes…

super mario brothers cupcakes

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5 thoughts on “Cheer Yourself Up with a Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes

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  5. andreia .

    I loved those Mario’s cupcakes. I live at Brazil and I want to know if you used a special mould or cutter to did them.
    If yes, could you tell me where I can buy. Thanks.

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