Super Mario Bros. Painted Room is Beyond Geektastic

It takes a lot of dedication and love for the game to put together a beautiful piece of art like this.

As you can see, someone with a great love for the Super Mario Bros. series was able to painstakingly paint all the intricate little details of World 1-1 and World 1-2 of the original NES Super Mario Bros in his spare room.

Mario Painting Room

A Flickr user who goes by the name Guy Smiley spend seven months (on weekends) to get this masterpiece looking perfect. On his Flickr account, he says “I paint slowly,” but we will be the first to say that you can’t rush great art like this.

It’s definitely an awesome piece, it’s actually some of the best we’ve seen. The detail seemingly goes down to the pixel level. If you look closely at some of the images in the Flickr photoset, you can actually see the tiny, individual blocks that make up each element in the painting. We aren’t sure exactly how Guy Smiley was able to do it with that level of detail, or how he didn’t just walk away and say, “Oh forget it!” Either way, we commend him for his determination and ability to get things done.

Mario Painted Room 2

If one looks closely they will notice that one thing is missing…Mario. That’s because the artist says, “I couldn’t find a good place to put him.” Which we find very interesting. The fact that the artist was able to resist putting in the main character of the game because he didn’t find a place where he felt Mario could be properly placed must have taken a good deal of consideration. Most would likely want to force Mario into the painting in some form or another.

Our only question is, where can we find this guy? We’d love to have him give our room a sweet Super Mario Bros. makeover.

This isn’t the first work of art we’ve come across that took some serious painting skills. Check out this beautiful Mario mural in South Texas. If you prefer edible art, check out these sweet (literally, sweet) Mario-themed cupcakes.

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