Super Mario Bros. Costumes Will Rock This Halloween

Halloween is less than a month away, which means it’s time to start planning a costume if you haven’t already. It’s always fun to build a costume, but depending on how elaborate the idea is and how much free time you have, it may not be the best option.  Luckily, there are these awesome Super Mario Bros.-themed costumes that will get the job done, but at a bit of a price.

I don’t do much for Halloween since I’m kind of a hermit, but I’m sure that there are plenty out there who are interested in finding some cool Mario-themed costumes. A simple Google search for Super Mario Bros. Costumes actually turned up a lot of results, but most lead to pretty much the same set of costumes.

Check out a few of the available options after the jump:

Mario Costume and Deluxe Mario Costume

The one and only Mario. The costume is available for both children and adults and includes the iconic hat, overalls and mustache. It doesn’t come with the gloves, so you will need to find some white gloves to complete the look. What’s cool though is that the deluxe costume includes an inflatable belly. It costs a little more, but it really helps to complete the Mario look.

Luigi Costume

Luigi Costume and Luigi Deluxe Costume

Mario’s little brother, Luigi, is also available. You and a friend can be the heroic plumbers, as you prepare for an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom, or a Halloween party, whichever is easier.

Peach Costume

Princess Peach Costume

Princess Peach, Mario’s main motivation for defeating the evil Bowser. Well, it could also be that Mario is just a nice dude and wants to restore piece to the Mushroom Kingdom either way. He’s the kind of hero that will help a Luma in need.

Toad Costume

Toad Costume

Toad is the…we actually don’t know exactly what he is. He’s a little mushroom person of the Mushroom Kingdom and one of Princess Peach’s most loyal subjects. The mushroom hat is the coolest part of the costume, and makes it totally worth having.

Yoshi Costume

Yoshi Costume

Well this costume is probably the least convincing of the bunch, but you can’t leave out the friendly dinosaur. It would definitely look cute on a kid. So if the family is going out together and dressing as Mario and the gang, this one may be great for the youngest one in the group.

Also cool in the world of Mario-themed stuff, is this soda box display, or spook yourself out with this creepy Zelda story.

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