Everlast Wii Fit package

Every one’s favorite accessories on the Nintendo Wii has to be Wii Fit. It’s one of the most popular purchases for the Wii, and has become famous worldwide within a few weeks of its release in the late 2009.There have been one or two cool ‘packages’ for the Wii Fit so you can make it look better and make all your friends jealous. There are many different type of people in the world and they all like different things, so Nintendo could not make one package that would fit all people, and if they did it would be strange.

Well if your that kind of person that is a ‘sporty’ video gamer, lets say, and love to work out on your Wii Fit, then we have the perfect Wii Fit package for you. It’s the first ever Everlast Wii Fit case. The case for the Wii balancing board just says Everlast, so there’s nothing new or cool on that. The new things are the Nunchucks and the Wii Remotes. Obviously they’re not included but what is included are cases for them. The Wii Remote has weight lifting cases so it will make it look like your actually working out in the gym.

Now, since this is made for strong people you have to be ready because the cases for the Wii Remote makes them 1KG dumbbells. So before you buy it, make sure you can lift them up. It’s so much better for people that love to exercise on their Wii Fit but just want to make muscles. So think of it as a relaxing gym while your playing video games, pretty cool huh?

In my opinion, as others, that love to exercise on their Wii Fit but think it’s just a bit too easy and want to make some nice muscles, then this is the package for you. Last thing is, if you think that 1Kg isn’t much and you can not make any kind of muscles with 1Kg, then think again. The Wii Fit is very addictive and however many hours you spend on it, 1KG spread over a couple of weeks can make a big effect. Get ready for the gym at your house.

The set runs for £19.99 icon.

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