Super Mario Bros Chess Board

Chess was always considered as a royal game, often referred to as the King’s game. With the entry of Super Mario Bros. Chessboard, the noble game has turned upside down. What exactly would you tell your opponent when you Checkmate him?

super mario chess board

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Collector’s Edition is a chessboard with all the pieces in the guise of Super Mario characters. You can choose to play the Reds which is made up of Mario’s army or the Greens which consists of the enemies. Mario’s side has, obviously, gold coins as pawns and the enemy pawns are Koopa Shells.

As for the main characters, you can find all the famous faces of the Super Mario Brothers world on the chessboard. Mrio, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and others face off against the evil army led by Bowser. Most Mario fans would probably forget about chess and buy this chessboard just to be able to play with all the figurines! The Super Mario Chess Collector’s Edition costs $40 and this chess board is worth every dollar.

Compare this with the Super Mario Brothers Board Game and the chessboard seems to be the winner because of the figurines, and you can always pretend you are having a serious game of chess when you’re actually playing Mario.  And once the war is over, relax with a Super Mario Storybook.

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