Super Mario Bros. 3 Crochet Tanooki Suit

One of the most memorable things in Super Mario Bros. 3 was the Mario Tanooki suit that made him look like  aRacoon and provide the ability to fly (or a temoprary hovering). For the major fans of the game, here is a crochet doll of the Tanooki Mario that is too adorable to forget.

super mario bros 3 tanooki suit doll

With this cute Mario crochet you may not be able to warp worlds, fly above your enemies or even grow a tail, but you can relive the memories of the classic Super Mario Brothers game all over. Heck, it could be a great present for any gamer girls that are familiar with the old school Mario games.

Check out the different images, and you will notice that it isn’t just a remake but a great recreation of the characters in a 3D sense that can be squeezed and cuddled with like you would if you met the real Super Mario on the street.

super mario doll tanooki suit

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super mario brothers 3 tanooki suit crochet doll

Via: GoNintendo Via: TinyCartridge

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