Star Wars Millenium Falcon Nintendo Wii Mod

It takes an extremely devious mind to transform a commonplace object into something totally out of its league. So, when we saw this Nintendo Wii Mod turned Millenium Falcon, we couldn’t help containing the gasp! For a while, it took a few reality checks to determine if we are really seeing the Millenium Falcon Wii Mod. When all the pinching was done, the confirmation was out – it is indeed a Star Wars starship that has been modified quite convincingly using the Nintendo Wii game console. Purportedly, the device has not lost its original purpose – it is still a cool and fun console along with some Geekery. 

millennium falcon nintendo wii mod

While the Star Wars Wii inspires, the Millennium Falcon Star Wars toy Nintendo Wii still leaves us desiring for some more. Clearly, a lot of work has gone into not just converting but also in conceptualizing something out of the ordinary. Kudos to the designers of the Star Wars Wii!

star wars millenium falcon nintendo wii mod

Via: Walyou

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