First Officially Licensed Star Wars Lightsaber Does not Support MotionPlus

In what could be seen as a promotional stunt by Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, the first officially licensed Star Wars lightsaber and blaster accessories have been launched for Wii. I call this a promotional stunt because most Wii accessories are not only useless but neither the blaster nor the lightsaber have the room to accommodate MotionPlus.

star wars lightsaber for nintendo wii

If there is no room to accommodate the accelerometer enabled Wii MotionPlus, how would one exactly use this lightsaber? Perhaps just wave it in the air pretending to be so cool? Well, that is exactly why it is promotional in nature and perhaps, Bensussen Deutsch & Associates want to make their presence felt in the gaming market more furiously than ever and have thus teamed up with Nintendo to bring us this attractive but useless accessory.

star wars lightsaber for wii

nintendo wii light saber

There is no information about its price or availability but I would not buy it unless it is quite affordable as it does not have what I want: MotionPlus. Nevertheless, Star Wars fans might want to get the first officially licensed Lightsaber and bask in the joy of owning one. You could check out the article we wrote when the Wii MotionPlus was released a few weeks ago. If you want to know how Wii experiments with promotional activities, check out the Wii PunchOut Ad.

star wars green lightsaber wii

star wars lightsaber nintendo wii

Via: Joystiq

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