Sonic Colors Videos Will Brighten Up Your Day

Do you desperately need some color in your dull gray life? Then I’ve got a healthy dose of excellent footage for the upcoming Nintendo Wii\DS game Sonic Colors.

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Yes, yes, I know: “a Sonic game? Surely you jest fair sir!”

Let me be clear, I won’t be some apologist and try to smokescreen some notion that the past decade of games, starring Sega’s iconic blue mascot, have been to the standard of the classic trilogy: Sonic 1,2,3, and Knuckles. They simply haven’t.

Now, where there are games that came close to recapturing that same spirit and quality of the first couple of Sonic the Hedgehog games? Yeah sure, quite a few infact. (Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, and to an extent Sonic Adventure.) Yet the failures, unfortunately, have been quite disastrous and deeply scaring to the series. (See Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

Truly Sonic Team has gotten so, so, so close to getting Sonic right in this new age of video game consoles without the Sega logo on it, but always, somehow, some way, missing the target by a Grand Canyon sized mark.

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(Yes that’s a giant hamburger.)

Hopefully Sonic Colors changes this fortune, once and for all, when it releases this November 16th for the Nintendo Wii (and also Nintendo DS)– although, by checking out some previews around the web, the game already seems to be very promising.

Sure many a hopeful fan has said the above phrase about a Sonic game before, and then eat those very words soon after (oh believe me,) I whole-heartedly think a couple of awesome play through videos, brought to you by The Sonic Stadium, might be a strong trump card against such naysayers.

One thing that you can at least say without being tarred and feathered is that it’s a pretty game to look at. The graphics and presentation for Sonic Colors is quite stellar (the music is absolutely wonderful too I might add.)

Seeing Sonic Colors in action, you can strangely notice a Super Mario Galaxy like feel to the game, especially when you think about the interstellar themes present through out it (the story centers around Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) creating an amusement park up in space made up of several planet sized attractions.)

Maybe that’s just all happenstance, or perhaps a direct correlation intended by the developers, but either way, it makes for a game that appears to be supremely fun when it hits North American shelves this November 16th.

And while you wait, check out these other games for the Nintendo Wii — like the new NBA Jam from EA Sports, or Disney’s Epic Mickey.

Via: The Sonic Stadium and YouTube user lucariotrainer16.

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