Star Fox & Friends Sing Along To “Space Oddity”

The Star Fox crew get down with their inner Ziggie Stardust, in a YouTube video that’s cute, weird and quite funny.

Attention, the following video below includes: Star Fox references, hand puppets, a David Bowie song cover, and the bizarre humorous intermingling of the aforementioned items into one single YouTube entity. If any of this subject matter offends you in any way, then… why the heck are you on the Internet in the first place?

Created by the mad genius duo of brentalfloss and Underbelly — who are both known as incredibly funny internet-gagsters that tend to make the medium of videogames the butt of their jokes — this clever YouTube video, entitled “Star Fox: Space Oddity,” has the furry goof troop of Fox, Falco and others aimlessly soul-searching to the tune of David Bowie’s classic far-out single from 1969.

I’m not certain if his majesty, the great and all powerful David Bowie, ever imagined in his pristine mind that one of his most memorable songs would be later used thirty-plus odd years later as the central accompaniment to a viral internet video starring cheap puppets acting out a video game spoof  — he probably would be proud, or so I think.

One thing I absolutely love about the “Space Oddity” video is the imaginative makeshift use of paper to create the elaborate backdrops and replica Arwing seen flying off into the depths of space.  Even if at times, it all seems really poorly taped together by a 5 year old as a school project (but I think That’s the joke!)

Also, who knew Falco was such a fan of popular salty-mouth comedian Dennis Leary? Makes sense though, the bird boy is a bit of donkey’s rear end that’s for sure. But hey, you got to be sometimes to get the job done — like trying to plead Nintendo to bring over a trio of Japanese role-playing games to North America.

Via: GoNintendo

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