Riiflex Wii Fit Workout Weights

The Riiflex is perhaps yet another innovative gadget which makes playing Wii Fit a real healthy pastime. The Riiflex allows you to flex your biceps and comes in two models, 2lbs, and 5lbs. However, it is doubtful anybody is going to develop ripping muscles with just 2lbs and 5lbs dumbbells.


Most importantly, the product is still not in the market and hence, using real dumbbells in place of Riiflex might be a better and cheaper idea. Wii Fit definitely helps people get motivated to work out, but it certainly cannot replace a heavy workout at the gym and nor could the Riiflex.

However, many schools have found Wii to encourage children to work out more, and Wii PE could become part of the school curriculum all across. In such a situation, adding a few more pounds to the Riiflex dumbbells would do well.

Via: Wired

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