A Radish Turns Into the Super Mario Mushroom

I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the Super Mario mushroom? It’s cute, it’s red, it’s good for you (well, radishes are at least)… what more do you need? More importantly the Mario Mushroom brings back memories of happy times playing video games as a kid.

Now Anna The Red has come up with a great new way to turn a radish into the mario mushroom, and I must say the result looks pretty awesome.

I’m not going to include the whole process in this post, but just to give you an idea of what she starts out with, here is the first step in the process… All it takes is a tiny radish and a knife (and she says seaweed, but its your call)


It looks like something you’d find in your kitchen, like she’s making a salad or something. Then there are a whole bunch of steps in the middle where she’s just slitting here and chopping there, and the website has a whole bunch of pictures of various steps involved in turning this radish into the Mario Mushroom, and before you know it, you have this


If you ask me, this is extremely adorable. Hats off to Anna the Red :). Also a pretty cool project to try out if you can hold a knife without cutting yourself.

If you think this looks cool, you make like these other things: Super Mario Mushroom Hat, Mario Mushroom Sweet Tins or even the Mario Mushroom Vibrating Pillows

Image Via: Off World

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