Piranha Plant Sculpture by Super Mario Bros Fan

While we are all familiar with artistic creations featuring the Super Mario Bros., rarely had we seen anything that was dedicated to the lesser known but immensely cool supporting characters as the Piranha Plant.

piranha plant diy

scary piranha plant

Kalapusa seems to know that there are other characters too, which can be given a boost through inspired art. He has created an awesome sculpture dedicated to the fire breathing Piranha plant, which is carnivorous in nature. Though there are many carnivorous plants in real life, there couldn’t be a cooler carnivorous plant than this one.

super mario brothers piranha plant

The sharp teeth, the featureless face, red head with spots, and the eerie trunk makes the Piranha plant look scarier than ever. Kalapusa used a special mix of wire skeleton which was strengthened, clay and acrylic to create this amazing Piranha plant sculpture. I am sure Mario and Luigi would be proud of Kalapusa if they were to see this cute Piranha Plant sculpture.

super mario bros piranha plant

You could also seek his suggestions or take a look at the cool video below if you want to recreate the sculpture using your skills. If the Piranha Plant is too scary for you to bear, you could wear the Super Mario Bros Fingernails and chew your nails while you continue getting scared. If you are tired of getting scared, add some boredom into your life trying to solve puzzles using the Super Mario Rubik’s Cube.

cool mario piranha plant

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  11. Tickleme Plant .

    Why would anyone pay $30 bucks for a “Ticklemeplant” when you can buy the Mimosa pudica seeds yourself for a few bucks? That’s all you are selling.

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