Nintendo Wii Gums For A Chewy Gaming Experience!

Parents can stop worrying about excessive gaming habits of their kids that result in stub nails (well, if adrenaline runs high, wouldn’t you be biting your nails?). If that’s how you are going to position the Wii remote gum, we would say it’s appropriate. It is hard to convince kids to buy a product unless it reminds them of their favorite superhero or has design elements borrowed from the games they are addicted to. The Wii Controller gum seems to have hit the bull’s eye in this aspect. It comes packed in a cool 1:1 Wii-mote shell that is sure not just to get your tot interested but also make you secretly wish that you owned one, too.

nintendo wiimote controller gum

You’ll also be glad to know that the peppermint chiclets have been given the go-ahead by four out of five dentists. We believe it is quite an effective alternative to the regular (harmful?) gums that we chew while playing video games. If you are keen on staying fit (we aren’t sure about that, though!) while being addicted to your Wii, you’d better pop in a couple of these chewy tablets till you drop. A package costs $4 at GKWorld and FractalSpin.

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