Nintendo Wii Christmas Gift Makes Kid Crazy

A Nintendo Wii as a Christmas Gift sounds like a swell ideas, doesn’t it? This kid also thought so but went practically crazy…and I mean crazy!

I have heard about kids going bananas once they get what they wished for, but this kid is kind of mental. Holy Nintendo Wii! After seeing this video, I am kind of scared to have this kid on my side as a Wii fan. Who knows, he seems like if you would ever ask for a turn to play some game, he may go nuts and put your head on a spear as a memory when he plays.

Well, we Wii fans are a little nuts for our Nintendo console, and some of us are not affraid to show it. Just beware…make sure the speakers are not all the way up, because this Wii kid has reaches some high decimals.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii Christmas Gift Makes Kid Crazy

  1. Ricky .

    That kid is seriously mental. He should not be playing the WIi…he will probably end up killing someone. 😉

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