Nintendo USB Drives Are Here To Make An Impact

Nintendo Wii has been one of the most celebrated gaming consoles, running parallel to the PS3 and the Xbox, it has as many fans as the previous two have. Sadly Nintendo has not made it into other fields of life as the the other two in it’s category, the others have made their marks on almost all aspects of our life, far ahead of the Wii. Ross Velazquez has taken this job upon himself, to bring the Nintendo’s popularity into all aspects of life; starting with the humble USB drive.

nintendo usb flash drives

cool nintendo usb flash drives

Ross thinks that it is essential to make a mark on the people’s digital world before one can actually make a difference in the people’s lives, this is because our lives are largely affected by the things that make an impact on our digital world. It is not fair that such a cool device does not receive the due attention and recognition it deserves, is the thought of this cool designer. nintendo usb drives

cool nintendo usb drives

He has herewith designed a decent amount of the so proposed Nintendo USB Drives, which he thinks should make a mark on the lives of the people. Frankly speaking, the Wii is probably the only gaming console that offers the gamers a wireless gaming experience and hence it should also receive an equal share of recognition.

new nintendo usb flash drives

new nintendo usb drives

If you liked these new designs by Ross then you should also check out the Wiimote USB Drive, or the Mushroom Thumb Drive that aim to bring the Wii on the top.

nintendo designed usb flash drive

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