Nintendo Dragon Concept Doubles Up as Robotic Toy

There could be two things when you design: a good design and a bad design. Good designs can be defined by their use of creativity and the bad ones by their lack of it. Elliot Ortiz certainly has oodles of creativity when it comes to designing cool conceptual consoles.

nintendo dragon design concept

He has just uploaded some cool pics of his Nintendo Dragon project. Though not exactly a dragon, the console is designed to look like an animal from an artist’s point of view, thanks to the four tiny “legs” at the bottom. The Nintendo Dragon is a concept that comes with almost all the functions of the Wii and it also doubles up as an electronic pet. The Dragon System apparently feels many emotions and when neglected, the console gets “upset”.

cool nintendo console design

All you would need to do is to rub the touch screen in order to pacify or cheer Dragon up. The idea of combining robotic pet technology with video gaming is immensely creative and I would not hesitate to say that this is one of the best concepts I have come across lately. Moreover, you could also “spray” on your TV or on the dragon hub using the Dragon Remote. The Dragon comes in many different colors like black, white, greyish blue and red.

new nintendo console design

The picture of a “One Eyed Monster” looking all happy with a ring around the neck, and a bimbo sitting on the monster’s base with her legs apart is too suggestive, if you ask me. Nintendo Dragon seems to have been inspired by Nintendo’s Dynamic characters, which are creative, outlandish and plain too cool. You could take a look at the 28 Geekiest and Craziest Nintendo DS Mods, which is a long and exhaustive list if you ask me.

new nintendo design concept

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