Nintendo Themed Pumpkin Carvings

There are so many different Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween, and we ran across a collection of so many Halloween Pumpkins that include the Nintendo Wii along with so many other gaming Pumpkins.

super mario brothers tanooki suit pumpkin

The few seen are of the Nintendo Wii console, but there was also a larger collection of Halloween Pumpkins that had some really cool Super Mario Brothers Characters to show up.

nintendo wii pumpkin

The Mario characters seen are old school, new school and even the Tanooki Suit Mario from Super Mario bros. 3. What’s More, Wario and Bowser had made their evil ways into the Halloween pumpkins, and with Halloween, they seem like a good fit.

old school super mario pumpkin

If the few images here just wet your appetite, then you must go check out the entire Halloween Pumpkin Carvings collection that will just inspire you no matter if you a gamer or a geek.

wario bowser pumpkins

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