Nintendo Famicom Controller for the Wii

If you were wondering about the validity of using an SNES controller to play all those cool NES VC games, worry not. Datel has unveiled a cool but retro Famicom-style NES controller which works well with the Wii. It is rather basic and is simply a replica of the Famicom controller, so to speak.


However, the turbo rapid fire button will limit the number of finger movements you are forced to employ. This Old Skool Retro Controller is ergonomic and fits right in your palm and allows easy gaming.

It also supports all games that require a Classic Controller, costs $19.99 and is well worth buying soon as possible. You could easily use this retro controller with all those cool games you downloaded form the Wii virtual console library. You could also try other controllers like the Nyko Wand or the Wii Nunchuks we have featured earlier.

Via: OhGizmo

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