Nintendo DS Ranger GPS System

Ranger China latest product for gamers would please Nintendo fans the most. Released for the Nintendo DS, the Ranger GPS is a device that is enabled with Google Maps software and uses the latest gen GPS chipset.

DS Ranger GPS System

Interestingly, though, the Ranger GPS would be more compatible with the earlier installation of Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, because of its GBA cartridge slot. The Ranger GPS which is compatible with laptops, PDAs and Windows CE or Linux devices as well has a slew of impressive features. Although stated to be extremely user friendly, it isn’t clear at the moment whether the Ranger GPS requires active Internet connection or not.

The Ranger GPS would be a handy device to have while traveling, pinpointing the exact location of the user along with direction and speed on the road. Hotkey feature allows easy and quick access to information and utilities around the area are highlighted as well on the map. However, as an extremely new product, not much information is available currently about the pricing and availability of this small and useful device. Either ways, you can be sure to find a Nintendo DS Mods that would be compatible with the device.

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