Nintendo Inspired Shake-Awake Alarm Clock

NES (Nintendo Entertainment Systems) revolutionized the gaming world with innovative consoles and gadgets which enable even physical interaction between real and virtual world. Inspired by Nintendo Jack Connolly has designed this Shake-Awake alarm clock which has to be shaken for switching alarm off and with each subsequent snooze it has to be shaken longer to be silenced.

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock3

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock2

The age-old simple alarm clock has undergone many a makeovers to ensure person wakes up from deep slumber but yet how much ever they make noise or vibrate most of them can be switched-off with a touch of button and the person can slip back into sleep cycle without actually waking up.

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock

Shake-Awake alarm shakes and wakes up the person with its Nintendo kind interactive switching off mechanism – one has to get up and give clock a physical shake and for each subsequent snoozes it needs to be shaken it for longer time.

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock4

The overall clock appearance and design is very trendy and innovative like Nintendo consoles. The alarm clock is geeky with a media center where geeks can upload music and songs via SD slot and set the sound of the alarm to wake up to the sound of their favorite song or tune.

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock5

Geeks would love to have this clock piece on their table to remind them of their gaming schedule for some gaming geeks often set alarm to pause the game for a power nap.

Nintendo shake awake alarm clock6

NES gadgets have inspired many innovative designs like the Nintendo Light Gun Zapper Earrings or the Wiimote Toy for the Pet Cat.

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