Nintendo 64 Glove Controller

Here is another Power Glove for Nintendo gamers. Nintendo 64 Glove controller makes gaming all the more trendy and easy. One has to insert hand into this Glove Controller which is fitted with joy stick and has easy control buttons and take control of the game and feel quite fashionable geek too.


N64 Glove Controller is a lot different than the N64 controller Pipe and can be plugged in to the console easily and can be used for N64 game. This Glove can be strapped around the arm for total control of the joy stick. This controller is not so sensitive about finger movement, so the game doesn’t really go out control on slightest movement. Thus Glove Controller is all about taking charge and being in absolute control of the game.

Geeks have weird fetish for controllers and wiimote. Check out Nintendo Wii Steering Wheel Joystick Design and Black Mini Mote Wiimote Mod. Wish one had such magical joy stick and Glove controller to control the real world around us.

Ebay Via UniqueDaily

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