Nikkei Confirms Wii Successor’s Controller Details

Find out what the latest news from the Nikkei has to say about the next Nintendo console, more importantly it’s new controller.

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It seems the Nikkei is trying to fit in one last spicy piece of info about Nintendo’s next gaming console just before the eve of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles – where finally Nintendo will reveal its Wii successor to the whole world on Tuesday, June 7.

The Japanese business newspaper (professionally known as The Nihon Keizai Shinbun) has confirmed from their own sources that Nintendo’s next system will feature a new type of controller that includes a 6 inch touch screen with “tablet-like controls” for games, very similar in function to an iPad 2. Hmm, alrighty then, not exactly speculation we’ve not heard before, but so then why is this latest confirmation more of a head-turner then the endless barrage of rumors from small gaming sites and GameStop clerks?

Track record my fellow Internet citizens – the Nikkei has accurately predicted not only the Nintendo DSi, but also the Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo 3DS.  We won’t know until Tuesday if they’re on the mark again for the fourth time, but for the time being we can at least enjoy what nuggets of new information the Nikkei has to say about the system, mainly its controller.

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Along with the touch screen reconfirmation, reportedly the system’s mysterious controller will have a rechargeable battery and a camera, which will make the peripheral double as a portable gaming machine — something else we’ve all heard before too, but again that darn track record.

Lastly, while Nintendo previously mentioned that it plans to release this new system in 2012, the Nikkei says that might be in the middle of next year, possibly around the summer time. A summer release, huh? Goodness, wouldn’t that make for an awesome summer vacation of sorts! Of course, all of this is still a rumor and will be reported as such.

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