NES Wallet

NES controllers may have given you loads of hours of gaming pleasure but not even something as familiar and fun as that can compete with shiny new gadgets. The controllers of the old days seemed to have faded off the minds of all gamers, especially with the advent of the Wii. Still, nostalgia can hit us hard every now and then.


Check out this old NES Wallet; you don’t even have to be old school to carry this around. After all, your Wii with its motion feature may make gaming more active, but this black leather wallet by Rivalius will still keep your money safer than a Wii! Maybe the wallet has an identity disorder of some weird sort. After all, it doesn’t look as real as to be confused with a real NES controller, but you just can’t compete with this look. Apparently, this cost the owner $15. Ouch! I guess this piece must be really ancient.

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