NES Controller Purse Design

NES fan art has absolutely no boundaries and now it has even taken over the fashion world. At one time, this would have been referred to as geek art and non-fashionable but everything has to change and something that looks this cute just can’t be signed away that easily.


The majority of gamers may be Mars but almost as many are from Venus. This Nintendo controller purse goes to show that Nintendo has won over quite many geeky women as well. Designed like a Nintendo controller, the purse is 14”x8” and done up in the typical black and grey colors. The vinyl purse is lined with light grey canvas and has a silver fastener.


The buttons on this purse may not work and it may not hold the NES Collection but it can still hold your favourite gaming paraphernalia plus a few cosmetics. The Nintendo Controller Purse is up for sale at $4 and will convince all your male friends that you’re as much into gaming as them, even if you do stop to shower (unlike them) to use the NES Controller Soap.


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