Wii Remote in a Blender

Nintendo has always attempted to stay family friendly, almost succeeding in reviving game nights for a number of families. But what exactly does happen when the older (real old) generation tries to get in groove with the in things of today?


Uncle Floyd only wanted to have some fun playing some video games with his grandkids but instead ends up destroying a TV when he let go of the strapless Wiimote in his excitement. Apparently this has happened a couple times before. Phew! They warned us these games were dangerous!

It might have been a bad thing for the kids but ended up a great opportunity for this guy from Blendtec who shows us just what should be done with a strapless Wiimote. The Wiimotes goes into the blender but, and the million dollar question is, will it blend? It does (!) and comes out as a pile of black ash shrouded in a grey cloud. Sad for the Wiimotes but Uncle Floyd gets away with a warning and a new Wiimote, with a strap for safety.

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