Luigi Snaps Under Sibling Rivalry

Here is a humorous take on Luigi’s second rated life that he is always destined to live. The video suggests that Luigi is sick and tired of being an underdog to Mario and thus, is tired of Mario Brothers’ tag. The video features the two brothers hopping along the brick walls and having a brawl. Luigi whines and complains to glory and even being the premier character in Luigi’s Mansion does not seem to satisfy him.


Luigi argues and frets that he cannot remain being Mario’s sidekick and the conversation circles around their adventures, Mario’s girlfriend, and many other instances where Luigi is treated like a second rated character that he so detests to be. Mario meanwhile appears cocky and scornful towards his kid brother and this has to be one of the funniest Super Mario videos I have ever seen. The real deal of the humorous video is when Luigi asks what Freud would have to say about it all, about him being the underdog and Mario being the authoritarian and cold hearted older brother.

Now, do we see a kind of Oedipal conflict between the brothers? Is it sibling rivalry? Or is just Luigi who is plain jealous and wants to outdo his more famous and popular brother? Whatever the case might, we all love Luigi for who he is and not for what his destiny is! While we discuss if Luigi deserves to outdo Mario, one can sit and bake the yummy Super Mario Brothers Cake. The Super Mario Bros Converse Shoes would be a great idea if you plan to walk to the park and meet other fans and discuss the sibling conflict.

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