72 Pins’s NES Cartridges Recreate Modern Games

Old meets new in these NES cartridges designed with retro takes on today’s most loved games.

NES Carts BioShock Image

There is nothing wrong for having an affinity for vintage things. Heck, it works for those American Pickers guys and they seem like alright blokes. Obviously, the gaming console that currently invokes such an nostalgic frenzy has to be the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo’s 8-bit console just oozes “retro” from its big boxy shell (although if your NES actually does ooze anything that might be a bad sign that something’s wrong.) The NES’s two-button controllers are simply iconic to gamers and its 8-track like cartridges have often turned into works of art – much like the ones showcased here from 72 Pins.

Okami NES Cartridge

Using some brilliant imagining, the specialty gaming-item marker has created individual NES carts that do their own take on modern-generation classics from the age of polygons such as Capcom’s Okami (lovely as you can see,) Sony’s God of War, Shadow of the Colossus (my personal favorite,) and among various others. And sure, it might not be all too Nintendo-centric, but you got to admit that these things are A—MAZE—ING!

And wonderfully, these pieces of gaming art are up for sale – $20.00US each to boot. Now mind you, these carts don’t play the game displayed on them, but they’re perfect for hanging on walls or the next conversation piece on any nerdcave’s mantle. It would be cool beanz if 72 Pins could recreate a NES cartridge featuring The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

SoC Blue NES Cartridge

The Wii-Motion Plus required next quest for Link is almost here (November 20th in North America exactly,) and could make for quite the timely homage for the game. Back to these carts though, it seems that 72 Pins is planning to create more of these mish-mash items in the inevitable future, some based on other popular titles like Resident Evil and Castle Crashers. Nice. Can’t wait to see them!

Via: 72 Pins

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