Portable NES Console Purse

Girls can’t live without a whole set of makeup accessories at immediate reach in their purse. And geeks just can’t go anywhere without their gaming console. So, what happens when the two meet? Obviously, the creation of a stylish purse with an NES console attached.

portable NES console purse 1

Jeri Ellsworth understands that every geeky girl needs her daily dose of lipstick, soldering irons and a huge dosage of Super Mario, which is why she has created the purse that has everything a gamer girl needs. The NES console purse has a good-sized LCD screen occupying center stage on one side of the purse. Two controllers are stuck on both sides of it with Velcro. So now, no matter where you go, you will always have your NES with you to play a game the moment the gaming bug hits you.

The DIY NES purse isn’t too difficult to make. The built in LCD screen was ripped off a DVD player and it also includes a C64 emulator chip keeping it going. The purse, unfortunately, is not up for sale but Jeri had fun showing it off to everyone at the Notacon 2009. This portable NES console purse seems even better than the NES Purse, which has its positives as well.

portable NES console purse 2

Via: Makezine

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  2. Steve P .

    Hi, I’d be interested in seeing a hand-held NES system with a usb to upload roms into it, video/audio out for the tv, and 2-4 controller ports on it roughly 5” x 5” x 1”. If anyone has the ability to make one or has seen one around please email me – [email protected]

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