Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Bed Pillows

Sinking into sleep at night and falling automatically into the dreamy world of Super Mario Brothers isn’t an abnormal occurrence for a lot of us who spend most of our waking hours guiding Mario or Luigi safely away from Piranha plants and through mushroom land. Even if you don’t play Super Mario Brothers every day, geeking up your room can help with sweet dreams of him.


Usually, Super Mario fans enjoy flaunting their allegiance with the super plumber brothers, and there is no dearth of Super Mario craft that is fashionable enough. You could consider the Mushroom Hat for a cool day or even spice up the look of your lawn or garden by growing the really cute 1 Up Mushroom Planter. And the Toad Pencil Holder is something you can easily place in your office amongst your work stuff.

However, when it comes to geeking up the house things get a bit difficult because not many geek stuff go well with the decor of the house. These Super Mario Pillows, on the other hand, will fit right in. Sky blue with four different colored mushrooms, they would look at home in almost any decor. Take my advice, though, and keep the frowning Mushroom pillow as your personal cuddling-partner for some very lifelike nightmares.

The fleece pillows will cost you $70 for a set of four and that couldn’t be too expensive because there has to be another Super Mario fan who wants one of these. You know what they say, share your sweetest dreams and geekiness!

Via: CraziestGadgets

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