Proof That Gravity Attracts — Stellar Pictures Of Metroid’s Gravity Suit Cosplay

Samus Aran’s Gravity Suit never looked so good. Check out famed cosplayer Jenni Källberg’s newest photos of her latest Metroid related costume creation.

Metroid Gravity Suit Image 1

A good average of the protagonists featured in video games are male. Of course, this fact isn’t that surprising because video games are for the most part — played by, made by, and advertised towards the male populace.

It’s this key difference in the leading role, along with countless others (game play, music, and atmosphere,) is why Nintendo’s Metroid series is so popular with a lot of gamers.

1986’s Metroid is the first game to star a female hero; a surprise end-game reveal to those gamers skillful enough to master the alien labyrinth world in the iconic 8-bit NES game.

And since that reveal so many years ago, Samus Aran has been a lovable obsession with gamers everywhere – with talented artwork, life-like molded figurines and statues, and if one has ever been to a video game convention, cosplay.

Now, “cosplay” is the act of dressing up as character from whatever medium, be it video games, anime, and comics. In fact the word “cosplay” is the combine form of the words “costume” and “play,” which perfectly defines the aspect of this performance art.

Metroid Gravity Suit Image 2

Perhaps one the best Samus cosplayers certainly has to be Jenni Källberg, or rather, as numerous uneducated gamers (particularly male ones) might know her as: “that super-hot Samus girl.” (Which she totally is, but she has a name, you know.)

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Jenni Källberg has been creating awesome cosplay pieces (and looking quite stunning in them) since 1999, and to date has made 27 different costumes, above all her Samus’s Varia Suit, which have given her instant internet celebrity, a number of awards, and magazine photo-ops.

Now Jenni is back on the block, this time in new photos displaying her latest work – Samus’s Gravity Suit, which in Metroid series cannon is a suit enhancement obtained after the Varia Suit.

Metroid Gravity Suit Image 3

Metroid Gravity Suit Image 4

With a fitting icy backdrop, that somehow matches the Gravity Suit perfectly, these new pictures truly show off how talented Jenni is in not only fashioning a fictional piece of clothing, but also capturing the essence of the character she is portraying. Great job Jenni!

Just like the ones above, pictures are worth a thousand words — the same goes for the game Okamiden for the Nintendo DS, coming out March 2011, and pictures of this wonderful Tetris Halloween costume.

Via: Pixelninja

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