Mario and Luigi Crocheted DS Case

There cannot be anything more personalised than your own DS case, and these Mario and Luigi Crocheted DS Cases are custom made to suit your preferences.
If you are a great fan of the Super Mario game,then you should place an order with Perfectfitcrocheter for these cool looking DS cases, color coded to look like Mario and Luigi themselves. These DS cases are made of acrylic yarn and the alphabets have been done with polyester felt, while a simple velcro fits perfectly to lock it up.
The artist also does custom made pre-ordered DS cases, and so you have to place an order and just wait for a week for your own personalized DS case to get delivered to you. You can check out Etsy for the Mario DS Case and Luigi DS Case for more details on the prices.
If you want to look at some more crochet and dressing stuff, then you should also check out the Amigurumi Crochet and Bowser Hoodies at Wiinoob.

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