Mario Sports Mix In February — No Protective Cup Required To Have So Much Fun

Get athletic with Mario, and a bunch of his colorful cohorts from the Mushroom Kingdom, in Mario Sports Mix for the Nintendo Wii, hitting the playing field this February.

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Mario has starred in so many sports-based games, one would think that he would have a jock-strap power-up somewhere in his arsenal. The Nintendo starlet has amazingly been in over 20 sports related titles: he’s hit the tees in golf, played 3-on-3 in basketball, raced around sharp corners in a gas-powered kart, and even entered the Olympic festivities with a certain speedy blue hedgehog.

Now the time has come once again for Mario to trade in his boots for some sneakers with Mario Sports Mix — not by Nintendo, but by Final Fantasy makers Square Enix.

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Mario Sports Mix is a collection of five sports — but not your stuffy rules and regulations kind of sports. Things are played a lot differently in the Mushroom Kingdom, where-in the use of banana peels and green turtle shells are all in bounds. Plus to truly settle the score, every Mushroom Kingdom competitor can pull off a unique special move, like Mario’s fiery volleyball strike!

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Featuring volleyball, both field hockey and ice hockey, dodgeball, and basketball, Mario Sports Mix is crazy arcade sports fun that you can enjoy with a friend or against one. Both cooperative and competitive local multi-player modes are featured in a variety of options depending on the sport being played.

Mario Sports Mix even has online multi-player, so if you’re too lazy to pick up a phone and call a friend over — fear not — Nintendo’s got you covered.

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Sports fans, and pretty much any fan who loves co-op and multi-player Nintendo Wii games, should get ready to lace up for some goofy sports fun with Mario Sports Mix, out February 7, 2011.

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