Lego Rock Band For The Hard Core Lego Fans

Whether you are a hard core metal rock fan or a hard core Lego fan, this new game promises to give both the different sections of the community one heck of a time, filled with some Lego fun topped up with some really heavy rock music.

lego rock band wii

Does not matter if you have the skills to make lego creations and yet do not know how to strike a single chord, or just be the converse case with you, what really matters is that you need to have a strong passion for both. The game allows the user to express themselves with a personalized LEGO Rock Den that can be accessorized and decorated to perfectly suit their rock style. One can use the Lego character customizer to create and personalize one’s own band and even the instrument controllers coupled with the entourage.

wii lego rock band

The game features a huge list of various rock songs that are quite well oriented with the family theme as well, the huge collection includes songs by artists like Bryan Adams, Queen, Counting Crows, The Jackson 5, Rascal Flatts…. and many more to name. The player can pull off some really killer riffs in the Lego themed rock power challenges to perform amazing feats like defeating a giant octopus or demolishing a tower.

nintendo lego rock band

The player’s aim is to collect various songs and completing a few of them to unlock various cars , venue, instruments and much more. It is available for only $43.99.

You could also have a look at the awesome Beatles Rock Band game that provides an insight into their lives.

lego rock band nintendo wii

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