LED Wii Casemod

When it comes to creating better versions of gaming accessory, modders usually concentrate on the console or remote. A lot of gamers though, are quite happy with how their consoles work but may have a slight problem with its look. If you have a Wii that you think is perfect but could do with a little help in the looks department then not to worry.


Modder MisterXausDe made this cool Wii case with added electronic parts from an XCM Hot Rock Case. The case has a cut out Wii logo that flashes in five different colours. LEDs at the base and even the cartridge port ensure you would never be bored with your Wii again. This would look real flashy, especially if you are into playing your Wii in the dark at night. The strange thing is that the modder added a digi-thermometer right at the base of the Wii logo; just so you know you have heated up your Wii to the point of spontaneous combustion!

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