Konami Announces The Calling, A Horror Game for Wii

If you are in the mood for some horror, Konami is planning to regale with a blood curdling horror game set to be launched in early 2010. The game titled The Calling is a ghostly story that revolves around ghouls that communicate with you through the Wiimote. The Wimote becomes your connection with this mysterious netherworld and would increase terror and confusion with the help of the audio element.

konami wii game of horror

It tests the players’ exploration and puzzle solving skills while keeping them on their toes, with all hair ruffled up in horror. The story is akin to The Ring and it is based on an urban legend where one goes into a coma if one comes across a particular website. If you are able to enter this mysterious and coma inducing site’s chat room, you would receive calls from Abyss and make your way into a netherworld called “Border”. Much of the game takes place in “Border” and this is where your threshold for horror is tested.

The urban legend perhaps is part of a viral marketing strategy by Konami which would soon be unleashed online. At the moment it is not clear if the game is a single player or multi player title and it is also known if the game features blood and gore or plain behind the scene horror that curdles your blood. Whatever the case might be, Konami surely has us waiting eagerly for more information! There was also the Ghostbusters game which was announced for the Wii some time ago. The Klonoa and Jungle Beat are pretty cool games by Namco Bandai for the Wii as well.

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